Hello from North of the Border

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Hello from North of the Border

Post  Drumelzier on Wed Nov 03, 2010 3:58 pm

Been dabbling in stocks and shares since the privatisation days of the 80's with
success up and down until 2009/2010.

In my ISA I bought into the banks when they bottomed out and made a good few bob, then moved the money into stocks that payed divi's, but got a bit bored and have moved most of the profits into Oil & Gas juniors.
Risky I know, but IAE, XEL and now CAZ have done great so far.
Bought into CAZ (Thanks Mr Dross) at just under 9p with a small amount as a short term punt and it rocketed within what seemed like days to around 28p, but I didn't sell and it dropped back but I didn't buy more either.

I've still not sold any but I've topped up 4 times in the high 30's-low 40's over the last few weeks as I've done some research on the back futher postings by the 'main men' (you know who you are) on iii.

So thanks to all and here's hoping for some good news in the near future.



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