Hello from me too

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Hello from me too

Post  par time trader on Mon Nov 08, 2010 12:15 pm

Hi there. I'm known as kenmck39 on iii but that's a boring nickname and can't change it unless I re-register. Not a spelling mistake with my new id. Par has two meanings for me. I'm a keen golfer and my footie team is Dunfermline Athletic (known as the Pars)

Been with iii since 2000 but only dabbled for the first 4-5 years. Got a bit more serious until just before the crash in 2008. Lost my nerve as the markets swayed wildly up and down and got out before the worst of it. Got back in earlier this year with RGD and made a handy profit which I mostly invested in Caza thanks to the informative posts from Mr D and many others plus my own (minimal) research. Boy what a day that was today! Not much work done today as the price alerts on my mobile kept going off every 5 mins or so. Can't wait for the next few days. Onwards and upwards.

Also some in Eneg and I just got back into RGD with a small punt. This should rise up to quarterly update in Nov/Dec if anyone is interested. I'll probably sell off just before news as it's a typical small share that retraces after news unless there is something big in the news.

Good luck all.

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