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Hello From Babyray

Post  babyray on Thu Nov 11, 2010 3:59 pm

Hi folks figured it was about time i started to get involved more with the people who have mutual interests in the success of Caza.... That 's to say it's about time i started posting and being social like..

So..hiyas all. Im 38 married and live in Northampton and work in a factory.

I started taking my finances into my own hands this year with a mild ambition of making a few small investments to net about 15% growth and beat the bank's abysmal rates of interest. I dabbled a little in FTSE stocks for mild gains and through friends and colleageus arrived at researching and investing in AIM with varying success but a fantastic zest and enthusiasm to learn.

Its extremely liberating and exhilerating knowing that im making desicions that have the potential to change so dramatically my families prosperity. I hope good solid knowledge, a fair dollop of good fortune and a good trade wind (a healthy RNS or 2), balanced with a level head and unemotional attatchment to shares will steer me to success. Not to mention the sharing of great info.

Ive gleamed lots info from some seemingly very experienced posters on the BB's and am filling up folder after folder of links in my favourites tab as i research and read about stuff in my portfolio and on my radar. Unfortunately all public boards have a jester or two and of course not all things read are to be believed.. But I think im astute enuf and a good judge of character, just wish I had more time and ofc more money...

Im my opinion we are as CAZA holders, investing in what will be a hugely successful company and regardless of our exit strategies I think McGoldrick is going to make shareholders very happy. To me it really feels that the next twelve months are going to be a blast, theres just so much potential..

But hey you know this too cos your here.....

GL to all and dont let the MM's shake your shares for the cheap...



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