Hello to all, and thanks.

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Hello to all, and thanks.

Post  sumutai on Mon Nov 22, 2010 6:02 pm

Hey Caza gang,

So, a bit about me;

mid 30's ish, live in bristol, network engineer (mostly data - cisco primarily).

Took voluntary redundancy 3 months ago, went on holiday for 5 weeks, came back 2 months ago, had a bit of cash left. Now I'm waiting for my first networking contract role and until then, I'm investing in the mean time.

I'm gonna thank rectorec for setting up this site (and the invaluable posts on the BB), and also Mr Dross (thanks Ricky) for all the selfless info.

There are loads of others, too many to mention, who've added so much to the iii Caza forum, and I fear I'd wear out my keyboard mentioning them all, but you all know who you are.

I'll admit, I've lost a little bit of cash through some dodgy decisions but since then I've fiddled around with MTA (made a small profit), tinkled with ENEG more than I should have (and still hold a little), and have lumped in a fair size (for me) on Caza - which is overall profitable.

Initially, my investment strategy was completely random. I'd pick a stock I had 'a good feeling about' and watch my investment dribble away, based on nothing but 'good feeling' and BB rumour. As time has gone by though, I've tried to follow the advice of the more helpful and knowledgeable posters out there. The over-arching, resounding message is to always Do Your Own Research. Since I started doing this (and keeping my ear close to the ground when those in the know are beating their drums) I've found my investments have stabilised, and provided me with some investment purpose.

Take Caza for example. I got involved at 36p, not because Mr D and rectorec advised me to on the BB, but because they pointed me in the right direction, and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, they advised me to do my own research, and then to make my choices.

So I've listened to some pointers, taken some advice, and done my own research. Lo and behold, I find myself investing in Caza, and it's going well. But the best thing is, I'm confident in my investments now. Not because I read some posts on a BB from some random contributor, but because I actually tried to listen to them too. My investment choices are now all mine, and much better researched than ever before.

Thanks to all for the endless amounts of genuine, freely given assistance.



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