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Member no: 100! Nobes - Howdy...

Post  nobes on Mon Dec 06, 2010 2:58 pm

Hello Cazaites,

Great research from the Caza crew, makes this share an exciting prospect. Thank you for doing the leg work, much appreciated.
Today, Caza pops back up to 48p after a few weeks of wallowing down in the 44-45s following the placing, i hope this is the start of the gradual climb to 70p and beyond, it will be an interesting journey if all 3-4 of the expected RNSs are received well by the market.

Liverpool 3-0 up against Villa as i write and BMR having a couple of hefty blue days too. All is sweet on this most splendid of Mondays....

Cheers all especially Monsieur Drosserelli.

Nobes santa


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